A compelling employer brand

Yet, one of tech companies’ most cited challenges is a lack of employer brand recognition. In today’s hyper-competitive recruiting landscape, you must proactively tell your story through content to drive inbound candidates.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through our process of building content which has helped thousands of tech companies amplify their employer brands and make tens of thousands of hires in the process.

How to segment your audience.

This section covers who you should create content for and the ways to communicate your message so they take the actions you desire.

What You’ll Learn

is non-negotiable.

Steps to create the best content.

Not all content is created equal and only the best content will drive the inbound candidates you want. This section will help you strategically build content to achieve this goal. 

Ways to promote your content.

Approaches to measuring the impact of your content.

Promotion takes your content to another level. This section describes the best channels to share your content with the world.

This section lays out the best plan of action to determine whether or not your content strategy is working.